SAP Cash Management - Digital Cash Operations & Treasury Processes

Get real-time transparency about your funds, improve your liquidity and reduce the risks - with the SAP solutions for treasury and risk management.

SAP S / 4HANA enables Treasury to develop from a mere processor of transactions, for example transferring payments from A to B or responding to exposure reports, to a business partner. Because now the information on past and future cash flows is always available in high granularity. The employees then see not only the deposits and withdrawals, but also what for. And more importantly, you have the information right in front of you, not just when the account statement comes. Payments for the next month or the next year can now be conveniently planned in advance. The knowledge gained in this way can then also effectively reduce foreign currency exposures (for example, by optimizing billing currencies or changes in the process).

SAP Cash Management enables an organization's cash or treasury departments to centrally manage bank accounts, to correctly and precisely review daily cash operations and long-term liquidity developments. Cash managers can easily and intuitively get an overview and detailed insight into bank accounts, daily financial status and cash flows, which enables them to make decisions and act directly. The main functions include:

Bank Account Management
With bank account management, you can manage your bank account master data centrally using a process for opening, closing and changing your bank accounts. The simplified workflow improves user efficiency when performing compliance-relevant tasks.

Cash transactions
With cash transactions, you can check the daily financial status for a better understanding of the cash distribution, whether bank accounts have sufficient financing (or a surplus) for the payment obligations of the day and whether available financial resources should be invested in the short term.

Liquidity management
With liquidity management, you can analyze past actual cash flows and forecast the medium-term liquidity development. It also offers a management function for rolling planning cycles as well as a monitoring function for the planning status with a variance analysis of actual, plan and forecast data.

SAP Cash Management is a solution for companies to manage bank accounts, cash transactions and liquidity. The bank accounts and cash flows displayed in SAP Cash Management represent your company's bank accounts and cash flows.

Overview S/4HANA Cash Management

Fiori Frontend for Cash Management

The end of the "Treasury Island" has come! Everyone at one table, please!

Companies often neglect the digital integration of their treasury. Customers often start their way to SAP S / 4HANA uncoordinated - only bring their colleagues to the table when the implementation is already underway. It is extremely important to include these issues in the planning. Otherwise there are inevitably problems with the implementation and the vision of a centralized process and system landscape becomes impossible. LiMESSO. takes care of the integration management and offers you all services for the digitization of your cash operations and treasury processes from a single source. Use our experience!

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